What We Offer:

Each visit is 30 minutes, but can customize

up to 45 minutes to an hour.

Walking and exercise


Fresh food and water

Litter box cleaning


    Administer insulin injections and other oral medications

   Clean up of any accidents 

 Backyard pet clean up

​   Love and attention 

            Other Services Offered:

  • Bring in Mail

  • Rotate lights

  • Open and close blinds and drapes

  • Water plants

  • Take out and/or bring in garbag cans from the curb

  • Add pool chlorine

  • House checks while away

    ​​Professional In-Home Pet Sitting

   Mid-day Sits, Weekly & Vacation Sits, and Daily Sits.

          Your pets can stay home while your gone!           

  This is an easy and affordable alternative to Kennels!       You will have piece of mind  knowing your pets are well      taken care of , receiving individual loving care in the                               comfort of their own home!

We honor any  special instructions   your pets need!